DjangoFest NorthWest 2017

At the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts

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DjangoFest Northwest 2017 – Le Jazz International

September 20-24, 2017.  DjangoFest Northwest once again brings the best in world-class Gypsy Jazz to Whidbey Island.  Topping the bill is, from France, the great Samson Schmitt and from Holland, Tim Kliphuis.  As a special treat, Samson is bringing his cousins, Panche Weiss and Benji Winterstein, two luminaries of the younger generation, both heirs to prestigious family legacies.  Filling out the lineup is DjangoFest’s favorite bassist, Simon Planting.  We also have, from Holland, The Rosenbergs, featuring Mozes and Johnny Rosenberg, doing hot Gypsy Jazz, interspersed with Sinatresque crooning.  Again, from the Netherlands, by way of London, is the return of the Robin Nolan Trio, DjangoFest’s first international act, that helped start the festival rolling, seventeen years ago.  We have from Montreal, Christine Tassan et les Imposteures, an all-female quartet that plays and sings with distinctive beauty and charm.  Our DjangoFest/ Saga Award winner is thirteen-year-old, out of Boston, Henry Acker, a true prodigy of the style.  You are sure to be amazed.  Leading up to all that is a wide variety of top musicians from Europe and North America, new artists and past favorites such as Olli Soikkeli, Finland’s finest, Julien Labro, the French accordion wizard and Joscho Stephan, from Germany, who will put on a pyrotechnic display of guitar virtuosity.  Antoine Boyer and Samuelito, the young Parisian duo, continue their exploration of ‘Gypsy meets Flamenco’.  Hot Club of Troy is back, with Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews, who will also open the festival with the EVM All-Stars.  We have new-comers, Occidental Gypsy and Black Market Trust and some returns such as the fabulous Trio Dinicu and festival favorites, Hot Club Sandwich.

DjangoFest Northwest is one of the longest established Gypsy Jazz festivals in North America and this year’s lineup, along with the workshops, (this year featuring Christiaan Van Hemert from the Rosenberg Academy) is one the best yet, guaranteed to be an exciting and informative time for everyone!

And, as always, numerous impromptu Djams spring-up wherever one turns, as the entire village of Langley (Djangley), on beautiful Whidbey Island, (a short ferry ride from Seattle) gets into the full swing of things.  Please, come join us for another unforgettable musical experience, guaranteed to put a tap in your foot and a grin on your face!  For more information on DjangoFest NorthWest and Langley, Washington, visit

Thirteen year old, Henry Acker, announced as winner of the 2017 Djangofest / Saga Award for Outstanding Young Musicianship in the Genre of Gypsy Jazz! 
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Good News!  Henry has won the 2017 DownBeat Student Music Award in his category, Best young Jazz Soloists.  He is listed among the other winners in the June Issue.  Way to go Henry.   Don’t miss his exciting debut performance at DjangoFest Northwest 2017!



September 20th, 2017

8:00 PM

Hot Club Sandwich

Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews All-stars



September 21st, 2017

8:00 PM

Black Market Trust

Occidental Gypsy


Located at 565 Camano Ave, Langley, WA 98260

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Paul Sommer and Laura Selby | Karen Vanderbilt and Paul Mathews

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