Since 2001, musicians and music lovers have come from far and wide to share great music with good friends in our village by the sea. Artists from all over the world have joined you in the concert halls, djammed together on the streets, and shared stories and laughter around fires at the Campground.

None of it would be possible without you.

Months before the festival, the planning and preparations include substantial, upfront expenses such as artist visas, airline tickets, and festival marketing. Sponsorship support at this critical time is vital.

We are profoundly grateful to a generous friend who has once again kick-started our sponsorship campaign with a $5,000 matching fund.

Demonstrate your love of the music and your festival community by making a contribution toward its success this year.

Sponsorship begins at $100 and comes with perks such as feeling really good, early ticketing, free swag, and sponsors-only discounts and invitations.



Lynn Hays

$2,500 - $4,999

Spencer and Elizabeth Cubage

Chris and Amy Gulick

$1,000 - $2,499

Conrad and Jelcy Romberg

Georgia Thompson

$500 - $999

Ken Jones

Conrad Family Compassion Fund

Jan Hughes

Jerry and Julia Rudy

John and Coyla Shepard

Bill and Kathy Small

Lesly Verduin

$250 - $499

Carol Lee's Attic B&B

Bob Holo

David and Jane Huntington

Jangaard Clinic

Larry and Margi Munson

Robert Mustard

Jon Tohl

Clyde and Kathy Wilson

$100 - $249

Jeff Coult

David and Joan Demorest

The Idiomatiques

Jane and Mike Stimac

Charles Terry and Betsy MacGregor

Edward and JonAnn Cruver

Bruce Lowe

Dick Abrams

Robert Aldrich and Meg Moorehead

William Seth Adams and Amy Donohue

Shawn and Lynne Aebi

Sheryl-Anne Atkinson

James Bartlett

Randall Bilof and Loretta Palagi

Lorna Michael Butler

John Cienki and Stephanie Rodden

Chuck and Mary Beth Clark

Tim and Jenna Criswell

Dwight Deason

Elizabeth Ehrling

Mark Gauthier and Donna Irwin

Dr. Max Gouverne

Beth and Don Gray

Meri and Trevor Hanson

Robert Henson

Timothy Hubert

Kevin Kelton

Dick James Kieffer

Matt's Import Haven

Karen McInerney

Donna and Lonnie Muir

John and Atsuko Neely

Jonathan Norwood

Paul Sommer and Laura Selby

Karen Vanderbilt and Paul Mathews

Irene and Ed Vernon

Bill and Diane Watts

Bill and Annie Zeck