Christine Tassan and the DjangoBelles


“With close to 15 years of bringing their special blend of Gypsy Jazz and revisited cover songs to audiences, Christine Tassan et les Imposteures (the DjangoBelles) have made a name for themselves on the music scene.  Tireless explorers of the Gypsy Jazz world, the four-woman band confirms their originality and offers a show sparkling with invigorating ingredients, bringing together some of the best work by Félix Leclerc and Django Reinhardt.

Pioneers in a domain usually reserved for men, the Imposteures were precursors of the gypsy Jazz wave that swept across Quebec.  This all-woman quartet continues to reinvent this timeless music while integrating new ideas and influences with originality and flair.  From standards to original compositions, the Imposteures musical arrangements innovate, rejuvenate, and leave room for unbridled creativity from these extremely talented young women…” more

Christine Tassan lead guitar, vocals | Blanche Baillargeon double bass, vocals, songwriting, arrangements | Lise-Anne Ross rhythm guitar, vocals, arrangements | Martine Gaumond violin, vocals, arrangements